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Momentum Indicator

Momentum indicator is a fairly popular technical analysis indicator, which has gained the trust of traders and technical analysts due to its simplicity and...

Vortex Indicator

The Vortex indicator is a relatively new indicator that was developed by Etienne Botes and Douglas Siepman in 2010. They drew inspiration from the...
Coppock Curve

Coppock Curve: Guide for Beginners & Professionals

Technical analysis is one of the most important tools that allow an investor to obtain the necessary data to increase profitability. Do not be...

Wedge Pattern

Content Recognition of Wedge Characteristics according to classical technical analysis Rising Wedge Uptrend Downtrend Falling Wedge Uptrend Downtrend Wedge pattern trading strategy For maximum...
Bill Williams awesome oscillator

Awesome Oscillator

Quick Link To Content: What Does Awesome Oscillator mean? Displaying the chart in the terminal How to interpret AO readings? Basic Awesome Oscillator Trading...

True Strength Index

What is the True Strength Index (TSI)? True Strength Index formula True Strength Index VS Average True Range How to use the True...

Parabolic SAR Strategy on the Cryptocurrency Market

Traders are usually quite good at finding logical market entry levels. However, some of them hesitate when you ask them the question of when...