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Stochastic indicator

Stochastic indicator (also commonly called "Stochastic Oscillator") is one of the basic indicators for technical analysis. It is used by many traders everywhere: at...

Relative Vigor Index – New Wine in Old Bottles

There are hundreds of indicators in the TradingView account by default, but most traders always pick out certain favorites and mention only them. Despite the...
Historical Volatility Indicator

Historical volatility

What does Historical Volatility mean? What is considered high volatility? How is Historical Volatility calculated? How else can Historical Volatility be measured? What...

Hull Moving Average indicator

Overview Calculation Strategies Advantages and disadvantages The Best Settings for HMA The bottom line Overview Hull Moving Average indicator is one of the technical analysis tools, which makes use of a...
Volume profile article

Volume Profile Indicator

What is a volume profile? Vertical volume profile Analysis of vertical volume chart What should a beginner do? Horizontal volume profile What is...

Volume Oscillator: Complete Guide

Any trade provides us only two pieces of information: price and volume. Unfortunately, sometimes even professional traders underestimate volume and volume-based indicators. The best investment...
Chaikin Oscillator

Chaikin oscillator

What you'll discover in this article: What is the Chaikin Oscillator? How to calculate the Chaikin Oscillator? How to use Chaikin Oscillator? Advantages Disadvantages ...