This collaboration between Slice and Bitrefill is just the beginning of their shared mission to redefine online earnings and spending.

Today, advertising solution Slice announced a partnership with Bitrefill, a leading platform that sells gift cards for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, to give new opportunities for users to spend their bitcoin on everything from morning coffee to dream vacations, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

In 2023, humans spent 1.3 billion years browsing the internet, where over 80% of the economic value generated from this was captured by big tech giants, according to the release. However, Slice, as the world’s first advertising solution built on modern internet browsing, is on a mission to change that. Slice is dedicated to enhancing personal monetization and data privacy, ensuring that users receive their rightful share of the massive online revenue pie.

Bitrefill’s approach aligns with Slice’s vision, making it the ideal partner to offer users more choices and control over their earnings. Bitrefill has gained prominence in the Bitcoin and crypto community for its ability to convert digital assets into gift cards that can be used at major retail and online outlets.

“Slice’s innovative approach to advertising and user engagement resonates with our mission at Bitrefill,” said Bitrefill CEO, Sergej Kotliar. “This partnership is an exciting opportunity to expand our reach into the gaming community and offer a unique way to leverage time online into real rewards. We’re proud to join forces with Slice, a company that shares our belief in the power of the circular crypto economy.”

Bitrefill has an extensive selection of gaming products, including access to platforms like Steam, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and more. This means that Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts can now use their holdings to purchase video games directly, eliminating the need for traditional currency exchange and associated fees. Slice believes that Bitrefill’s gaming offerings will particularly appeal to the majority of its users, enhancing their gaming experience and providing more choices to spend their bitcoin.

Darina Oumanski, CEO and Co-Founder of Slice, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This partnership with Bitrefill is a powerful statement. We’re not just offering another way to spend your earnings; we’re embracing the unconditional freedom of choice when it comes to users’ accumulated sats. Bitrefill’s innovative approach resonates with our vision at Slice, and together, we’re empowering users to take control in choosing how they want to live, play, and thrive online and offline.”

This collaboration between Slice and Bitrefill is just the beginning of their shared mission to redefine online earnings and spending. With nearly 275,000 Slice users, the companies are determined to build a community where browsing and playing games lead to tangible rewards.


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