The Elite Ten: How a Handful of Ethereum Wallets Command Over a Third of ETH’s Total Supply

Ethereum (ETH), boasting its position as the second most dominant cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is held by a staggering 242,686,839 unique addresses. Fast forward to September 3, 2023, and a mere ten ether addresses command a whopping 34.18% of its entire supply. Let’s dive in for an insightful glimpse into the top ten ETH wallets and the powerhouses steering today’s vast ether reserves.

The Titans of Ethereum: Who Holds the Lion’s Share of ETH?

On September 1, 2023, News spotlighted the elite ten bitcoin (BTC) addresses, endeavoring to unveil their proprietors. The investigation revealed that 8 of the top 10 bitcoin vaults have discernible owners, with one potentially linked to Huobi, while the identity of the 10th remains shrouded in mystery. Now, let’s pivot our attention to the ten titans of ethereum (ETH), ranked by the volume of ether they possess.

Topping the chart is the Beacon Chain deposit contract address, cradling a staggering 29,323,040 ETH, which translates to 24.39% of the total ETH treasure trove. The Beacon Chain plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the Ethereum network, overseeing its stakers and validators. Hot on its heels is the Wrapped Ether contract, the address associated with the current WETH in circulation, safeguarding 2.62% of the ETH bounty, amounting to 3,149,676 ether as of September 3. Binance, the crypto trading giant, reigns over the third spot with its vault amassing 1,996,008 ether, a solid 1.66% of ETH’s wealth.

The fourth ether trove, marked as a Kraken’s address, boasts 1,598,924 ether, capturing 1.33% of the circulating coins. Trailing closely is the fifth mammoth ETH vault, purportedly steered by Robinhood, as per insights from Arkham Intelligence. Arkham’s recent revelation on X (previously known as Twitter) identified this vault. This alleged Robinhood ETH stronghold held sway over 1,493,001 ethereum on September 3. The sixth vault, christened “0x831”, is the domain of Arbirtum, sheltering 1,199,979 ETH.

The seventh vault, tagged “0xF97”, is recognized as a Binance cold storage, guarding approximately 870,814 ether. Binance’s influence extends to the eighth-largest ETH vault, which houses 584,999 ETH, a mere 0.49% of the global stash. The ninth heavyweight in the ETH arena is a Bitfinex stronghold, securing 450,118 ether, while another Bitfinex vault rounds off the top ten, holding 428,054 ether. After thoroughly examining the top ten wallets, data reveals that Binance possesses the third, seventh, and eighth most substantial ETH wallets, collectively safeguarding 3,451,821 ether.

Bitfinex, with its two formidable wallets, reigns over 878,172 ether. Among the vast sea of 29.32 million ether addresses, the elite 20 accounts for a striking 36.75% of the total supply. The top 50 vaults collectively amass an impressive 41.57% of the ether treasure, and by September 3, the largest 100 addresses have consolidated 46.94% of the supply. Although the 100 addresses encompass 46.94% of the supply, the Beacon Chain address, boasting 24.39%, represents a myriad of entities and individuals. A staggering 22.55% of the total ETH supply is controlled by 99 of those 100 wallets.

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