Zunami Protocol confirms stablecoin pools attacked, $2.1M loss estimated

Blockchain security firm PeckShield estimates the protocol suffered more than $2.1 million from the price manipulation attack.

Decentralized finance protocol Zunami Protocol has advised users not to buy any of its Zunami Ether (zETH) or Zunami USD (UZD) stablecoins, after encountering an attack on its “zStables” pools on Curve Finance.

On Aug. 13,  Zunami confirmed on X (Twitter) that its stablecoin pools had encountered an attack, adding that collateral remains secure as it begins an investigation into the potential exploit.

Blockchain security firm PeckShield estimates over $2.1 million was stolen from Zumani’s Curve Pool, pegging the exploit to a price manipulation issue. Fellow blockchain security firm Ironblocks arrived at a similar figure.

PeckShield was one of the first to detect the exploit on Curve on Aug. 13 at 10:47 UTC, which was confirmed by Zunami about 20 minutes later.

Zunami is a decentralized revenue aggregator protocol that allows users to stake stablecoins for yield, with its largest stable pools situated on Curve. The attack has impacted the Zunami USD stablecoin, and Zunami Ether.

Source: cointelegraph.com

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