Circle Will Announce Roadmap And Launch Smart Contract Development Platform This Fall

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has announced that the company will develop a roadmap for seamless stablecoin payments and cross-chain integration this fall.

We have a pretty exciting roadmap over the fall, aimed at making stablecoin payments super seamless and cross-chain, and introducing a smart contract development platform that will be easy and accessible to traditional Web2 developers.

— Jeremy Allaire (@jerallaire) August 11, 2023

Additionally, Circle plans to launch a smart contract development platform to make it easier for Web2 developers to access and use the technology.

Because according to Jeremy Allaire, building Web3 applications is complex, and creating an end-user experience for Web2 users is a challenge, especially on different chains. Building and deploying smart contracts and safely operating them on chains is difficult and not something most companies are willing to do.

At the same time, the company knows that we are in the super early stages of development for wallets and stablecoins. There are 3 billion digital wallets available across a wide range of major Web2 products and services, so it is estimated that there will be 80 million Web3 wallets.

Circle Will Announce Roadmap And Launch Smart Contract Development Platform This Fall

With the Programmable Wallet, developers comfortable with Web2 development can quickly and easily include a multi-chain Web3 wallet experience in their apps (iOS and Android, Web SDK coming soon)

The wallets integrate users without complicated methods and allow for smooth interaction as users do not need to own gas tokens or know about which blockchain they are using.

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