Bitcoin erodes 4% gains as BTC price downside targets stretch to $23K

A spike above $28,000 begins to fade as the new week begins, while a U.S. holiday means no external BTC price triggers from equities.

BTC shorts increase as $28,000 slips

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD cooling volatility after a last-minute surprise saw action around the weekly close.

With United States markets closed for the Memorial Day holiday, crypto markets were quieter — traders were waiting for a Congressional vote on the proposed deal to extend the U.S. debt ceiling.

Bitcoin, up 4.4% on May 28, meanwhile, failed to convince everyone that bulls might now have the upper hand.

Uploading a potential BTC price roadmap to Twitter, popular trader Crypto Tony called a move back to as low as $23,000 “still very much a possibility.”

“IF we close back below $27,500 i will close my long and look for a short position,” he told followers in part of the day’s updates.

Trading suite DecenTrader further noted that short positions were increasing, despite May 28 liquidating more positions than any day in a month.

On-chain monitoring resource Material Indicators nonetheless cautioned over dismissing the uptick as fakeout.

“As someone who frequently uses the phrase #WildWestWeekend in #Crypto, I actually believe the #Bitcoin PA we’ve seen for the past few days is legit for multiple reasons including the fact that the bounce came from key technical support at the 200-Week MA, and the #DebtCeiling deal announcement,” part of commentary read.

Material Indicators referred to the 200-week moving average still acting as support, one of several such support points near $26,000 on traders’ radar.

An accompanying chart showed the Binance BTC/USD order book, with increasing bid liquidity entering at $27,000.

U.S. dollar works overtime

Despite the Wall Street holiday, U.S. dollar strength continued to play out in a trend that formerly spelled significant headwinds for crypto asset performance.

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With the current trend forming something of an exception, Bitcoin brushed off a trip to 104.5 for the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY), the latter’s highest since mid-March.

“The Dollar has bounced lovely since the double bottom put in back in April,” Crypto Tony added about the index.


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