As Ethereum [ETH] continues to burn, what should HODLers do?

Ethereum burned surges over the last 24 hours. Interest from retail investors remains high, developers discuss new additions to the future Deneb upgrade.

As per a 5 May report from Delphi Digital, a staggering sum of 10,000 Ethereum [ETH] was burnt in the last 24 hours.

ETH: Burnin up

ETH is typically burned through a process known as “token burning.” In this process, a certain amount of ETH is sent to an address that no one has access to or can control, also known as a “burn address.”

These burnt tokens are then removed from circulation permanently, reducing the total supply of ETH. The most common reasons for burning tokens include reducing inflation, increasing scarcity, and increasing the value of the remaining tokens. The reduction in ETH supply through burning can also lead to a decrease in Ethereum’s inflation rate, which can be beneficial for long-term holders and investors.

Aside from the high ETH burning rate, there are other factors as well that favored ETH at press time. According to Glassnode’s data, retail interest in Ethereum surged. This was showcased by the increasing number of addresses holding more than 0.1 ETH.

Additionally, the number of transfers being made on the Ethereum network also surged. Due to this, the mean gas paid off to Ethereum validators reached an 11-month high.

Source: glassnode

Because of the high fees paid to the validators, the interest from them grew. Glassnode’s data illustrated that the overall number of validators increased from 572,635 to 645,192 over the last month.

Source: glassnode

New developments

In terms of development, Ethereum developers discussed additional changes that could be made to the network on the All-Core Developers Consensus Call. The developers talked about some Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) to make Ethereum better. They discussed three proposals: EIP 4788, which would make it easier to connect different parts of Ethereum, EIP 6987, which would prevent from proposing blocks, and EIP 6475, which would create a new way to represent values.The developers agreed to consider EIP 4788 and EIP 6987 for a future upgrade called Deneb.



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