Two criminalsjailed for stealing from Bitcoin investors in Dubai

The wrongdoers used a fake bitcoin deal to steal $50,000, phones, bank checks, and documents from two investors in Dubai.

Two robbers reportedly deceived an Asian investor and his friend with a fake bitcoin scheme and stole nearly $50,000, three phones, and documents from them.

The Criminal Court sent the wrongdoers to jail for three years and ordered their deportation once going out of prison.

Crime in Dubai

According to a recent coverage, the assault happened last July in the Mankhool area of ​​Dubai. Back then, an undisclosed individual and his friend decided to invest in bitcoin and found a dubious promoter to help them.

After calling him, the broker came to one of the investor’s house and requested to see the cash value of the cryptocurrencies the victims wished to purchase. He then promised to return with another person who would sell them BTC within 15 minutes.

The buyers waited in the residence when minutes later, they heard a knock on the door, and two perpetrators entered the house. They assaulted the victims and stole the bag, which contained Dh183,000 (around $50,000), three mobile phones, bank checks, and documents. They even threatened to kill one of the investors.

Local law enforcement agents opened an investigation and detained the criminals. The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced them to serve three years in prison and fined them for the amount of the stolen money. The authorities also ordered the deportation of the lawbreakers once they get released from jail.

The case of Tuenti’s founder

Zaryn Dentzel – an American computer scientist and Founder of Tuenti Technologies – suffered a similar assault last year. Five criminals attacked him in his house in Madrid and tortured him so he could reveal the password containing his bitcoin holdings.

The perpetrators tied up Dentzel and supposedly beat him for hours. The victim did not give them the private keys until they started cutting and even electroshocking him.

The American later revealed he had “million of euros” worth of bitcoin. Apart from the crypto stash, the criminals stole phones, laptops, and tablets before fleeing.

“After cleaning up the tracks, including spraying the victims with cleaning products, they separately left the residence they had entered during the time the janitor was away for lunch,” the report reads.

It took Spain’s National Police nearly a year to finally arrest some suspects in the crime. Law enforcement agents detained three men and one woman a month ago who are supposedly emigrants from Eastern Europe.

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