New tool mirrors Optimism NFTs to Ethereum mainnet for use in verified apps

NFTs from layer 2s were not previously recognizable to apps like Twitter.

Optimism developers jvmi and Kelvin Fichter released a new app called Magic Mirror on Nov. 9 that allows nonfungible token (NFT) holders to copy or “mirror” their Optimism NFTs to the Ethereum mainnet. NFT holders can now use their Optimism NFTs in a variety of verified apps, such as in Twitter’s profile badge system — where previously, only NFTs native to Ethereum layer 1 could be used.

Twitter introduced its NFT badge feature in January, allowing NFT holders to verify ownership of their art. Verified NFTs can be used as a profile picture on Twitter, where they are then denoted with a special hexagonal shape. Prior to Magic Mirror’s release, holders of NFTs from other networks, like Optimism, Polygon, or Avalanche, did not have the ability to do this.

The company said that this new tool is an attempt to solve this problem, albeit only for holders of Optimism NFTs. Users can switch out the NFT that is inside each mirror anytime they want, rather than minting a new one each time. However, only one Optimism NFT can be put inside the mirror at a time.

Magic Mirror is part of a renewed push by Optimism to win the battle between Ethereum scaling solutions. In June, a version of a balancer was released on the Optimism platform, and in September, 1Inch users on Optimism received a 300,000 token airdrop to incentivize the use of the network.


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