DeFiChain adds new dTokens for Johnson & Johnson, DAX ETF, Adidas, and Goldman Sachs

DeFiChain’s latest additions mean that for the first time, users will be able to mint and trade dTokens following the prices of a German ETF on the platform. 

DeFiChain, the world’s leading blockchain on the Bitcoin network dedicated to bringing decentralised financial applications and services to everyone, announced on Friday, August 26th, that it had added four new decentralised tokens.

With these new additions, DeFiChain users gain price exposure to their favourite stocks and ETFs without geographical restrictions.

DeFiChain added that it would continue t expand the dToken universe to offer users flexibility and benefits of decentralisation.

According to the press release shared with Coinjournal, the newly added dTokens are: $dJNJ – Johnson & Johnson, $dDAX – Global X DAX Germany ETF, $dADDYY – Adidas AG – ADR, and $dGS – Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

DeFiChain added that this is the first time ever that a dToken corresponding to a German ETF is made available for minting and trading on its blockchain. With these decentralised tokens, users have gained price exposure, not ownership, to the underlying stocks and ETFs without any restrictions.

While commenting on this latest development, Benjamin Rauch, VP of Marketing DeFiChain Accelerator said;

“The more assets available on DeFiChain, the easier it is to take control of your investments in a decentralized way. Without any involvement of central instances.”

DeFiChain users can now mint and trade these decentralised assets to get price exposure to the stocks and ETFs without leaving the DeFi ecosystem. They can also purchase these dTokens on the DeFiChain DEX.

The company added that it already offers dTokens corresponding to the S&P 500, Tesla, Apple, Alibaba, GameStop, Nasdaq 100, Nvidia, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Meta, and many other stocks and ETFs.

DeFiChain explained that the dTokens are not “securities” issued by a company or a large institution. Hence, investors can only gain price exposure to these assets but not ownership, voting rights, dividends, or other benefits available to stockholders.

The dTokens track and reflect a number of variable factors, and use oracles to capture those feeds.

The company added that dTokens make it possible for millions of people around the world who couldn’t invest in the United States due to geographical restrictions, trading limits, and other issues to gain price exposure to their preferred assets via minting or buying them on DeFiChain.

DeFiChain is a decentralised Proof-of-Stake blockchain created as a hard fork of the Bitcoin network to enable advanced DeFi applications. DeFiChain focuses on offering liquidity mining, staking, decentralised assets, and decentralised loans.

Source: CoinJournal
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